Relicensing Requirements

In order to re-license in the province of Nova Scotia as a dental assistant, the following requirements must be met and submitted:

  1. Verification of active membership in the Nova Scotia Dental Assistants' Association (Contact: Lynda Foran through;
  2. Letter of Good Standing from the Registrar of your previous jurisdiction and any other jurisdiction you have been licensed in if not Nova Scotia;
  3. Letter of reference from your most recent employer, one must have practiced Level II dental assisting within the preceding five year period.
  4. For the purposes of labour mobility under the Agreement on Internal Trade, a person with a nonrestricted license obtained in any Canadian licensing jurisdiction prior to July 1, 2001, who is able to demonstrate 900 hours of clinical practice in the field of dental assisting during the last 3 years, will be recognized as holding the necessary qualifications for licensure as a dental assistant and will be eligible to be registered in the Dental Assistants' Register.
  5. Payment of appropriate fees to the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia:
    - $ 235.00 annual license fee
    - $ 117.50 licensing fee if re-licensing after November 1st
  6. Dental Assistants who previously did not meet the continuous practice requirement in Nova Scotia but are now eligible to re-license are required to complete the application form.

Payment of fees is accepted by visa, mastercard, debit, cheque or money order.
Please Note: License fees are non-refundable.