Board Policy on Dentist Relicensing

“For the purposes of subsection 25 (2) of the Act, the minimum time period that a person must engage in dentistry to qualify for annual license renewal is 450 hours within the immediately preceding three year period, calculated as of the time of annual license renewal.”

Section 25 (2) of the Dental Act describes the authority of the Dental Board to determine the conditions and requirements that must be met for an individual to be eligible for licensure.

“Where a person ceases to be engaged in the practice of dentistry for the time prescribed by the regulations, the Registrar shall not issue to that person a license to engage in the practice of dentistry unless and until that person passes examinations and meets any other requirements prescribed by the Board.”

At its meeting on September 30, 2011, the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia adopted a policy that any dentist who has been out of practice for less than four years and fails to meet the above requirement would be required to successfully complete the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge, the Assessment of Clinical Skills and the Assessment of Clinical Judgement examinations administered by the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) in order to be eligible for licensure reinstatement. In addition, all costs associated with the NDEB examinations are to be paid for by the candidate.

Download the details of this policy (PDF)