Study Clubs

Registration Information In order to establish a study club for continuing education purposes, please see section IV of the Mandatory Continuing Dental Education guidelines which states study clubs, approved by the committee, must be registered with the Registrar of the Provincial Dental Board, providing the following information:

Name of study club;

Subject matter:

  •  can be a specific interest in dentistry;
  •  can be a general interest to do with the practice of dentistry;


  • minimum of five members;
  • Name of chairperson, including address;
  • Name of members, including address;
  • Members must be licensed health profession practitioners;

Study clubs qualify for Continuing Education credit under Category 2 (I) provided the content of the session is clinical/scientific. General business and practice management issues receive credit under Category 3. One credit hour is awarded per hour of attendance to a maximum of 60 credit hours per three-year cycle for dentists, 30 credits for dental hygienists and 24 credits for dental assistants.

Category 2 (b) of the guidelines states “presentations of approved courses will receive two credit hours per one hour of presentation time. These include formal courses, lectures or talks at dental meetings and study club presentations.”

Individual members must maintain their own log of CE activity.


Verification that may be required for study club submissions includes:

  • time spent in formal meeting;
  • subject heading;
  • verification of attendance.