Dr. Wayne H. Hills, Main Street, Wolfville

In a recent Discipline Hearing Report, the Hearing Panel concluded that the decision should be reported on a named basis.

The following is an edited summary of the Discipline Hearing concerning:

Dr. Wayne H. Hills
Main Street Dental Centre
399 Main Street
Wolfville, NS

The charges against Dr. Hills related to the provision of posterior composite restorations and fixed prosthodontic treatment.

The Discipline Hearing found that the posterior composite restorations and some of the fixed prosthodontic treatments which were the subject of the charges did not meet the standard of skill, knowledge and judgement expected.

The Discipline Hearing imposed the following sanctions:

  1. Dr. Hills will be permitted to continue to provide fixed prosthodontic and posterior composite restoration treatment provided he agrees to participate in an education program offered by Dr. Wayne Garland at Dalhousie Dental School and successfully completes it within four months.
  2. Practice Restriction – Following successful completion of the Educational Program, Dr. Hills’ posterior composite and fixed prosthodontic treatments will be reviewed monthly by Dr. Garland for a period of six months.
  3. Practice Monitoring – Following the Educational Program and the Practice Restriction, Dr. Hills’ practice will be subject to monitoring by Dr. Garland for a period of two years.
  4. All costs related to the Education Program, Practice Restriction and Monitoring will be paid by Dr. Hills.
  5. Dr. Hills is responsible for the payment of $ 60.000 towards the costs of the hearing.

Dr. Hills has filed a Notice of Appeal of the decision of the Disciplinary Hearing with the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

Update February 2009

Further to Dr. Wayne Hills’ appeal of the Dental Board’s Discipline Committee’s decision that he engaged in unprofessional conduct by providing substandard treatment and its decision that he pay costs of $ 60,000, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal dismissed Dr. Hills’ appeal with costs payable by Dr. Hills to the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia.  The full text of the Court of Appeal Decision can be viewed at www.courts.ns.ca/appeals.