Ms. Lyndsay Nicholle Brown, RDA

A hearing was held before the Discipline Committee of the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia on September 25, 2012 and November 27, 2012 concerning complaints that a Registered Dental Assistant, Lyndsay Nicholle Brown, committed offences contrary to the Discipline Regulations made under the Dental Act.

The Discipline Committee considered the evidence and the representations concerning sanctions.  The Committee decided that the license of Lyndsay Nicholle Brown should be suspended for 18 months from November 27, 2012 provided that she continues to meet the conditions of her Probation Order.  At the conclusion of that 18 month period she may apply for reinstatement.  In doing so she must show that she has met, on an ongoing basis, the continuing education requirements for maintaining a license to practice as a Dental Assistant in Nova Scotia.  Further in applying for reinstatement of her license she must prove that she is mentally and physically fit to practice as a dental assistant.

Pursuant to section 30 (1) of the Discipline Regulations, the Discipline Committee decided that its decision should be reported in a publication of the Board on a named basis. Lyndsay Nicholle Brown shall also be required to pay costs of $ 500.00 as a contribution to the expense of the disciplinary proceeding.