2018 Dental Practice Review Committee

The Committee must consist of 3 licensed dentists appointed by the Board, each of whom has practised dentistry for at least 5 years.

The Committee chair must be appointed by the Board from the Committee members.

The initial terms of the Committee members are as follows:                                                                        

  • the initial chair and one member for 3 years;
  • one member for 2 years.

Each subsequent member of the Committee must serve a term of 3 years and the first members and succeeding members may be reappointed for two additional 3-year terms.

Any vacancy on the Committee must be filled by a licensed dentist appointed by the Board for the unexpired term of the vacated position.

The Committee is responsible for administering the Dental Practice Review Program in accordance with these regulations.

2018 Dental Practice Review Committee Members

Dental Practice Review Committee


Dr. Joanne Thomas, Chair

Dr. Curtis Gregoire

Dr. Mariette Chaisson