Registration & Licensing Requirements - Student Licensure

In order to be registered and licensed with a student license in Nova Scotia, the following requirements must be met and submitted:

• A completed application form, signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, with an attached photograph;

• Documentation from Citizenship and Immigration - Residency status; 

• Letter of acceptance from Dalhousie into the graduate or residency program;

• A certified copy of your graduation certificate from the certified dental program;

• A letter from the Dean certifying your graduation from the dental program;

• An applicant must provide a certified copy of their Canadian birth certificate, or Canadian citizenship card or proof of permanent Canadian residency status.

If an applicant is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada then the applicant must provide details about their current citizenship status and a certified copy of the authorization issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada which permits them to engage in the practice of dentistry in Canada.

Translation of the Documents are the responsibility of the applicant. 

• If you are or have been engaged in practice in another jurisdiction before moving to Nova Scotia, a Certificate of Good Standing form  from every jurisdiction you have been licensed in must accompany your application;  

• Verification of active student membership in the Nova Scotia Dental Association; please contact 902-420-0088;

• Payment of appropriate fees to the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia:

◦ $ 100.00 Initial registration fee

◦ $ 66.00 Annual student license fee (December 1 - November 30th )

• Verification of malpractice insurance through CDSPI - minimum of $ 3 million coverage;

• If not a new graduate, one must have proof of continual practice defined as a minimum of 450 hours within the last three years preceding the date of application (see Regulation No.1, Section 7) - letter from employer or signed affidavit.


• A Vulnerable Sector Search and a Criminal Record Check (Performed within the previous 12 months);

• Two written character references from non-family members who have known you for the past four years;



Payment of fees is accepted by visa, mastercard, debit, cheque,  or money order.

Please Note: License fees are non-refundable.

Licensing Process

The application form with all necessary and correct documentation is submitted to the Registrar for review.  Please keep in mind that applications are only valid for 90 days so do not send in your application too early.

The Provincial Dental Board will contact the applicant to schedule an appointment to meet with the Registrar to discuss their application.

In circumstances where the Registrar needs to obtain additional information the registration process will require additional time in order to complete.

Applicants cannot begin to practice without a licence.

Successful applicants who meet all of the licensing requirements will be entered into the Dental Register and issued a student licence.

Applicants who have been declined licensure may appeal the Registrar's decision to the Registration Appeal Committee.

Dentists who previously did not meet the contiuous practice requirement in Nova Scotia, by are not eligible to re-license are required to complete the application form.

Certificate of Standing

Download Application and Consent Forms