Use of Botox™ In Dental Practice In Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, the Act Respecting Dentistry 1992 legislation 2 (f) (i) defines the scope of dentistry as including the diagnosis and treatment of any injury, disease, pain, deformity, defect, lesion, disorder or physical condition of, to, in or from a human mouth, mandible or maxilla or associated structures or tissues, including the prescribing and administering of radiographs, anesthetics, drugs and medicines...

The Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia interprets this legislation to mean that there must be an oral component to any treatment provided by a general dentist.

While licensed dentists are authorized to administer a substance by injection, the ability to perform this controlled act is limited to the management of conditions that fall within the scope of practice of a general dentist.

The opinion of the Dental Board is that the injection of Botox™, or any other agent or material, into the extra-oral / facial tissues of a patient for cosmetic purposes does not fall within the scope of practice of a dentist.

A Specialist may administer Botox™, or any other agent or material for cosmetic purposes provided that he or she has the appropriate training.

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