If You Have a Complaint

Dental patients have a right to expect a professional standard of care from their dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. If you are dissatisfied with the care you have received or have related concerns, you can request an explanation from your dentist. If you are not satisfied with the explanation, you may lodge a written complaint with the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia. As the body responsible for regulating Dentists and Dental Assistants and protecting the public in matters related to dentistry, the Provincial Dental Board will investigate your complaint. By legislation [Dental Act] the Provincial Dental Board cannot require a dentist to refund a patient or pay for dental work to be redone. The Provincial Dental Board does not have any jurisdiction to deal with fee disputes or requirement to refund fees.  Furthermore, the Board does not have any jurisdiction to deal with civil claims for compensation.

How would I make a Complaint?

Legislation requires that a written, signed complaint must be submitted by mail to:

Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia
Suite 103
210 Waterfront Dr.
Bedford, NS B4A 0H3


  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • The name and address of the dentist involved
  • The issues of your complaint
  • The name and address of any and all other dentists you consulted
  • Any dental records you may have in your possession

Complaints are acknowledged by letter.

For further information you are welcome to contact the Board office at 902-420-0083

How will my Complaint be Investigated?

A copy of your complaint letter is sent to the dentist. Reports and records are requested from those providing treatment. This information is reviewed by the Registrar, who will then review the material with you prior to decisions to forward the complaint to the Committee.

Other Important Information:

  • If you are considering a complaint we encourage you to consider first discussing your concerns with your dentist.
  • For advice on specific dental treatment contact a dentist.
  • The Provincial Dental Board recommends patients with dental insurance have full knowledge of their benefits.
  • The Provincial Dental Board does not set fees for dental treatment.
  • The Provincial Dental Board investigates complaints about dental care provided in Nova Scotia by practitioners registered with the Provincial Dental Board at the time of treatment.
  • The Board's complaint process is independent of any civil legal action.