Tool kit for Allograft usage in Nova Scotia Dental Practice

This document has been developed by the Nova Scotia Provincial Blood Coordinating Program in
conjunction with the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia to support compliance by dentists practicing
in Nova Scotia to the Health Canada Safety of Human Cells, Tissues and Organs for Transplantation
Regulations. As described within this toolkit, establishments other than source establishments that
discover an unexpected adverse reaction has occurred must report the information to the source
establishment or the importer (if applicable) for all suspected or known unexpected adverse reactions
associated with a tissue without delay.

This document is divided into sections according to responsibilities the user has:

  •  Determining whether or not a distributor or manufacturer is licensed by Health Canada;
  •  Signs and symptoms of an adverse reaction;
  •  Example cases of adverse reactions to tissues used in dental settings;
  •  Who to report adverse reactions of transplanted tissue to; and
  •  How to report adverse reactions.

To view the Allograft Tool Kit for usage in Dental Practice click on the PDF document below. 

Allograft Tool Kit